Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Keep Your Bangs Back

I hate it when my bangs hang in my face and NOTHING will keep them back. Bobby pins leave a little at the end that flips out, barrettes fall out, and all my other clips break or get lost. In my house, hair accessories don't last a week. That's why I love this no clip, super quick solution that looks really cute and stays put for quite a while if you do it right. 
Step One: grab the top layer of your bangs and bring it towards the back of your head.  How high or low you want it is up to you.

Twist that bit of hair. The more you twist the longer it will hold. 

Next, grab the bit of hair under that. Try and get some bang and long hair in there together.

twist the top part and the bottom part together and bring it toward the back of your head.

 Now, you have a choice. You can do it on the other side with or without bangs and secure them in the back if you want to use a clip, or just make a pony tail around it like the photo below. 

And TA DA! 

My photographer. Her only form of payment is that I let her take a picture of herself and I'll post it. 

Big and little sis love.

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  1. fun, informative and super sweet!
    love it!

  2. I LOVE that you started this blog Thea! I love doing that hairdo on myself. ~Ashley~

  3. Love the sister photo!


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