Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Guy

I got to add a new member to my musical family a few days ago. He's a soprano ukulele and I named him "Little Guy". He's my new baby. I love him so much we do everything together. Whenever I'm bored I strum him until my fingers get blisters and every night before bed we play a few tunes together and then I tuck him into his case and we go to bed.

 The scarf wouldn't stay on me during the photo shoot so I decided to let little guy wear it instead. Manscarf. 
Can you tell I've been playing with the photo editor?

Do you have an instrument you love to death?

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  1. Love the photo editor pictures! I love my violin and my piano. And I can totally relate to you, I play them like 24/7! ~Ashley~


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