Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boot Hunting

Every year, as fall rolls around, I start hunting for the perfect boots. I've not found then yet, but here are quite a few I like.
1. I like the little tassel and that it doesn't have a heel. Nice for lots of walking. I found this one here.
2. The bows are so adorable! Unfortunately, the collage thing cut off the tops. :( I got these beauties here.
3. I don't know why I like these. I guess I just do. Anyway, I got them here.
4. Argh!!! The top of these guys got cut of too! I really like the buckles on these.
5. Aren't these a pretty color? I absolutely adore the simplicity of these guys.
6. Normally, I 'm not really a cowgirl kind of person, but I really like these ones here.
7. I saw these at a beautiful mess and fell in love. You can find them here.
Hope you like them!

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  1. sorry about the pixelatedness. I know the pics are a little hard to see. :( is pixelatedness even a word?

  2. I love these!!!! A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I went to DSW shoes and tried on a bunch just for fun! We tried wedges, super tall chinese laundry shoes, and even wedding shoes! ~Ashley~

  3. Love #6. They are fun! Boots are so fun to shop for in the Fall!


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