Saturday, October 27, 2012

Design Love

Sorry I've haven't blogged all week long, but I was kind of planning on unplugging for a week, but then I had to use my computer for school, but had nothing to blog about. :( The results of our poll are in. People like fashion, food, and home decor. I think. Well anyway.......I absolutely love white in interior design. It makes a room feel fresh and crisp and can give many different feels. 
1. I am a huge fan of white and grey and this rug just adds in a perfect little accent of color.
2. I designed this bed here. Lots of fun and endless combinations.
3. Absolutely adore the lace detailing here. Would be fun for a party maybe.
4. How chic are these? Would be just great for giving a room a little Parisian accent without going overboard. 
5. This reminds me of dandelions. 
P.S. Like the font? I found it from here and have been using it non stop in EVERYTHING for the last few days.
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