Friday, November 9, 2012

Schoolgirl Loves

I know school started a while ago, but I'm still falling for these notebooks and binders and such. I origionally was looking for a binder I owned to blog about but instead found all this other stuff. I should have called this schoolgirl distractions.....

Is this cute or what? I'm in love with this artist's work.

I only like the front, but it's still cool. Found it here.

More from the first designer. Absolutely adore his style! I think this is supposed to be a decal for your laptop or tablet. I found it here.

You can't go wrong with NYC, Paris, and London. Found it here.
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  1. I LOVE that iPhone case! I have a notebook from that same designer! ~Ashley~

    1. Which one do you have? I have the binder with the two ladies and little dogs.

  2. Mine has one lady walking about 4 dogs in the city. I'll take a pic and email it to you. ~Ashley~


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