Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

I can't say I'm that good with new year's resolutions at all. I don't even remember if I did make any for this year, and if I did I have no idea what they were. :P When I came across this post I thought it was worth a shot. 
1. Do something for the first time at least once a week: So often I know I fall into a rut where I do things the same way over and over and over again, so I'm going to force myself to try new things. Get something different at Starbucks, paint my nails in a different color or design, or something like that. At the end of the year, I could have 52 new things that I like doing!
2. Look for inspiration less, and inspire more: Instead of surfing through blogs searching for cool or pretty things that often I don't really find, I'll try and do or make something cool. When I see a picture of something I like, i'll do it, instead of just looking at it.  Not only will this be funner (more fun?) and more fulfilling, but it would make much better posts. I always like looking at things people have done rather than little links.
3. Spend more time with family and friends: I think that's kind of self explanatory. 
4. Get out of my comfort zone more often: Why do  things only in your comfort zone? There's no fun or adventure in that (also ties in with doing new things).
So there you have it. My resolutions/goals for 2013. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Look what I figured out how to do! I used this and it was easy peasy! I've been seeing gifs everywhere and could not figure out what they were or how to make them, but I am now finally appeased.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hi Again!

This Christmas, I got lots of cool things. Rain boots, a beret, nail polish, beauty supplies, gift certificates, and my first pair of heels. I'm hoping to post on all of it, and to start, here are my new heels. I got a gift certificate to Charming Charlies from my grandma and I used it to buy a pair of ankle boots and a pearl necklace. I've been drooling over these heels for the last few months (ask Syd if you don't believe me) and am REALLY exited that now I have them. I think one of my favorite things about them is that I am now safe from my little sister outgrowing me. 

 Can you tell I'm still learning how to wear them? These are my first heels and I'm still learning how to keep my balance. I have a bunch of pictures of me about to fall over because I tried to stand on one foot. :)
p.s. my scarf and coat are both from target and my jeans are thrifted.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


A little part of my shelf.
I cleaned my room today. It was phenomenal. Normally, I'd relate to this quote, but I have to admit having a (mostly) immaculate room is a pretty awesome feeling. My Favorite part is my shelf, which I made more pretty and displayed all my cool stuff.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion Friday

Well sorry, I have managed to miss yet another weekly thing. *sigh* This week we have the wallet.  How adorable is the duct tape monkey wallet? I love it because it reminds me of when my dad would make fun of Mrs. Potato Head in toy story 2 when her husband asks why she is bringing monkey chow and she responds, "For the monkeys, of course!"

Clockwise from top right: sourcesourcesourcesource

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

D.I.Y. Garland

And yet, just one more thing to do with paint chips. After seeing stuff like thisthisthisthis and many more, I decided to make something for my room out of my hoard uh i mean, nice, clean organized collection of paint chips. I went with a warm color theme and spent my whole Friday night cutting out hearts and dots with the help of my grandma and sister. Hope you like it!
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