Friday, December 28, 2012

Hi Again!

This Christmas, I got lots of cool things. Rain boots, a beret, nail polish, beauty supplies, gift certificates, and my first pair of heels. I'm hoping to post on all of it, and to start, here are my new heels. I got a gift certificate to Charming Charlies from my grandma and I used it to buy a pair of ankle boots and a pearl necklace. I've been drooling over these heels for the last few months (ask Syd if you don't believe me) and am REALLY exited that now I have them. I think one of my favorite things about them is that I am now safe from my little sister outgrowing me. 

 Can you tell I'm still learning how to wear them? These are my first heels and I'm still learning how to keep my balance. I have a bunch of pictures of me about to fall over because I tried to stand on one foot. :)
p.s. my scarf and coat are both from target and my jeans are thrifted.

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  1. "my first heels.."
    I suddenly feel so old! :(

    cute boots Thea!
    and please don't break your neck! :)

    1. don't worry, i'll try to keep my neck in-tact :)

  2. Those heels are sooo cute! I got a gift card to Charming Charlie too, and im so excited to go and pick something out! ~Ashley~

    1. Cool! Do you have any idea what you want?

  3. No, ill probably just go and pick out what i like, or maybe ill look on their website.:) ~Ashley~


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