Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm back!

Hi again!
This is a post made by me, Sydney! Ok, ok, you don't have to applaud to loud. I know you have all missed me because of my super cool awesomeness. Point of story, I have just discovered my true style of blogging. Blogging about absolutely random stuff! I have discovered that to me it's no fun to plan out this big shebang of pictures and rough drafts for a future post. The next posts I will be making will be a total new style. Most will not have any pictures except maybe something from the internet like a smiley face or something. What I am making is basically anything that pops into my head because this is a blog and you can write about anything in particular. I have been typing for much to long now but be prepared for some awesome posts coming up! (By me of coarse!)

Your amazing co-author,

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