Friday, March 29, 2013


This is a random comment I made during cooking class.

"Lets go to the store and buy some homemade food." -Me

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soccer move

Are any of you soccer lovers? Then I have a test for you! I recently made a select soccer team and to start my coach sent the team the "T test" to work on. It is a really cool soccer warm up that will improve your foot skills a lot once you master it. Try it! All it is, is a "V" and an "L turn" combined. Click on the link below to learn how to do it!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Screen savers

Do you want to know a great website for free screen savers? Just go to the website below to go check it out!!!!!! There are tons of different theme categories from animals to nature to art. There are also special screen savers that are compatible with Windows 7 in case you haven't upgraded to Windows 8.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lego bird

My sister recently became the owner of one of those three-in-one Lego sets. She got the one that transforms into an eagle, a scorpion and a beaver. Today you will see the Lego set in its eagle form.

Do any of you love Legos? I do. They are so fun to play with. Imagination is the limit!


So, just to let you guys know, Fashion Friday and Link Love are NOT over. I've just been either out of town or super busy. Luckily, spring break is now here, so I will actually blog some. Today, I felt artsy so I took out some water colors and made a poster.....and then in some crazy way, the tips of my hair started to become red. p.s. the poster is a quote from Andrew Pudewa a.k.a. the best writing teacher ever!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Link Love

I'm so in love with this sweater!
I want this. I think my cat could totally relate to some of these poems.
This guide to dressing in three colors was super helpful!
I thought these nails were super cute.
World Nutella Day? Count me in!
Lipstick guide. I love the grocery store colors.
This made me laugh. I agree with the t-rex.
Chesecake! nom nom
This looked pretty cool if only you know how to distinguish the flavors you taste. I know I couldn't. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book recs

This is my (Sydney's) new post. Much like "Link love", only different. The name ,"Book recs", means book recommendations. I am a extreme book lover and I want to share books that I have read in the past, have just come across or am re-reading. (I do that a lot.)

And now.........I give you...........the very...........very first ever.........Book rec post. Dun dun duuuuun.

Book #1

Title: Chicken soup for the soul: Teens talk middle school

Over view: This book is filled with little over 100 stories from teens coming out of middle school. I don't exactly know how many of you are middle schoolers but I am in middle school myself. This book is great because it talks about girls and boys your age dealing with similar things that you might be going through. Things like self image, crushes, and bullies. It was great to see how the writers dealt with their problems and it is a great motivator when telling you to follow your dreams!

Book #2

Title: Cesar's way
Author: Cesar Millan

Over view: Have any of you ever seen the show "Dog whisperer"? This book was written by the same man who rehabilitates dogs in the show. Cesar gives you lots of great tips on how to get control over your dog and really let him or her live their life to the fullest. It is surprising that by just making a few tweaks to a daily routine and a lot of hard work and perseverance that a dog can change its ways from overly aggressive to sweet and affectionate. I highly recommend it to dog owners!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Star Wars conversation

Here we will see a lost conversation from the Jedi. Totally kidding! Or am I? My friend Hailey and I were bored and chatted this using Gmail to Thea. Or did we copy it from the lost conversation? You decide......

Hailey: Well done my young Jedi. Too bad your father is Darth Vader. That stinks.
 SydneyWell at least I don't look like a green frog that is a million years old. What kind of thing are you Yoda? Hailey: I THINK I CARRY MY AGE VERY WELL! AND MY WEIGHT AND MY HEIGHT! YOUR THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A KINDERGARTENER LUKE! AND I AM A BILLION GAZILLION YEARS OLD, THANK YOU! 
Sydney: Sorry master.

Hailey: Bad boy! I shall use my force on you! ................. If only I could find it............Luke, get me my glasses, I cant seem to find anything without those doo-hickeys or new-fangled contraptions! ........... Yes,I am very old:(
 Sydney: Here are your glasses dude. I mean Master Yoda. WAIT!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU JUST DROPPED YOUR OPEN LIGHTSABER  ON YOUR FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE WELDER!!! WE NEED TO WELD IT BACK ON!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!

Hailey: Oooh don't worry Luke. It was coming off anyway.............. Third one this week.

Sydney: Shall I add it to the pile of cut off limbs?

Hailey:Yes. Along with my left arms. I remember how THOSE HURT coming off.

Sydney: We had better cut the chatter, Mace windoo is coming in with the Kentucy fried sandtroopers so we had better turn on a movie. Maybe the one about the totally weird people that are so under-dated in technology? The "HUMANS on Earth"? They are so poor and dumb. They think Iphones are technology! Ha

Hailey: Yes, lets go. Shall we go shopping next Wednesday? I need a new pink tutu for the battle on Thursday:) That should scare the enemies! My nasty unshaven greenish-pale hairy legs! Cha(failed
 karate chop attempt)! Lets go eat some Kentucky fried stormtroopers and laugh at the dumb humans!  ha! Toootles!


How pretty is this trench coat? I'm dreaming of walking through puddles in Paris with some pink hunters and a very chic umbrella. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Today's Outfit: Fur + D.I.Y.

Remember this t-shirt that I d.i.y.ed a while ago? Ya, I finally got around to blogging about it. Also, I found this faux fur stole a while ago at a yard sale. This was kind of one of those crazy buys that I didn't think I would wear that much, but it turns out that I love wearing it, and slip it into my outfit whenever possible. My siblings call it a mustache.
Faux Fur Stole- originally from h&m, Shirt- D.I.Y., jeans-Old Navy, Shoes-Charming Charlies

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