Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Star Wars conversation

Here we will see a lost conversation from the Jedi. Totally kidding! Or am I? My friend Hailey and I were bored and chatted this using Gmail to Thea. Or did we copy it from the lost conversation? You decide......

Hailey: Well done my young Jedi. Too bad your father is Darth Vader. That stinks.
 SydneyWell at least I don't look like a green frog that is a million years old. What kind of thing are you Yoda? Hailey: I THINK I CARRY MY AGE VERY WELL! AND MY WEIGHT AND MY HEIGHT! YOUR THE ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A KINDERGARTENER LUKE! AND I AM A BILLION GAZILLION YEARS OLD, THANK YOU! 
Sydney: Sorry master.

Hailey: Bad boy! I shall use my force on you! ................. If only I could find it............Luke, get me my glasses, I cant seem to find anything without those doo-hickeys or new-fangled contraptions! ........... Yes,I am very old:(
 Sydney: Here are your glasses dude. I mean Master Yoda. WAIT!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU JUST DROPPED YOUR OPEN LIGHTSABER  ON YOUR FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE WELDER!!! WE NEED TO WELD IT BACK ON!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!

Hailey: Oooh don't worry Luke. It was coming off anyway.............. Third one this week.

Sydney: Shall I add it to the pile of cut off limbs?

Hailey:Yes. Along with my left arms. I remember how THOSE HURT coming off.

Sydney: We had better cut the chatter, Mace windoo is coming in with the Kentucy fried sandtroopers so we had better turn on a movie. Maybe the one about the totally weird people that are so under-dated in technology? The "HUMANS on Earth"? They are so poor and dumb. They think Iphones are technology! Ha

Hailey: Yes, lets go. Shall we go shopping next Wednesday? I need a new pink tutu for the battle on Thursday:) That should scare the enemies! My nasty unshaven greenish-pale hairy legs! Cha(failed
 karate chop attempt)! Lets go eat some Kentucky fried stormtroopers and laugh at the dumb humans!  ha! Toootles!

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