Sunday, March 24, 2013


So, just to let you guys know, Fashion Friday and Link Love are NOT over. I've just been either out of town or super busy. Luckily, spring break is now here, so I will actually blog some. Today, I felt artsy so I took out some water colors and made a poster.....and then in some crazy way, the tips of my hair started to become red. p.s. the poster is a quote from Andrew Pudewa a.k.a. the best writing teacher ever!
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  1. Haha I like your hair like that!!! And the curls look really cute! One time I did that with a sharpie in my hair, but my mom said if I did it again, she would paint a mustache on my face the same color I did in my hair! :0 ~Ashley~

    1. :) have you ever tried finding some sort of clip in extensions to color so that you can just clip them in and take them out?

    2. I have had one before, but its hard because my hair is curly, and I have only seen extensions that are straight. And they don't look as real as if you really color your hair. But its a good idea! ~Ashley~


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